Bring the outside in this Spring

Hey! I’m Kaitlyn, wife to Chris, wanna be interior designer, and mother to Grace (11), Emerson(2), Theo (2), and Ford (9 months); nope that wasn’t a typo, I do in fact have 3 kids under 2.

Since my husband and I really like to overwhelm ourselves we also spent the past year completely gut renovated everything in the home we purchased. When I say everything, I truly mean everything. The home we bought looked like it survived Hurricane Sandy, but once we opened up the walls there was mold EVERYWHERE.

Since I was pregnant with my fourth baby, I really couldn’t enter the house much, which made designing it pretty difficult. It’s my belief, that’s what caused this sort of blank slate of a look in my house, lots of white, white, and a touch of white for good measure. We moved into the house when it was about 75% finished; we still had to finish the laundry room, master bedroom, downstairs bathroom and the backsplash.

kijani palm leaf plates - clean and tidy bedroom

These projects are all starting to come to a close and it was time for me to put some love into this house and really make it look like people lived here, besides the mountain of toys in my living room that had somehow become the major focal point in my decor.

Spring Shopping

With my champagne taste and my beer budget set to the side it was time for me to shop till I dropped. I spent many days loading my kids in the car, walking around Target, Homedepot, Lowes and Homegoods searching for things that inspire me.

Lockdown inspiration

Just when I thought I was starting to feel inspired, the major pandemic of Covid-19 shut us down, and we were trapped inside. That’s when I think my design theme really took flight, the long days and even longer nights trapping us inside made me miss the outdoors. I started to hold onto the short walks with the kids or the quick trip to the mailbox. After 1 straight week of scrubbing everything in the house there was nothing left for me to do during nap time, other than online shopping, so that’s what I did.

Armed with my credit card in one hand, coffee in the other, I had to get started; ok, more realistically I had to put those things down to type but then there was no stopping me. Google searching, pinteresting, studying picture after picture, everything I picked out kept giving me outdoor vibes and I was loving it.

kijani palm leaf plates - clean and tidy bedroom 

Spring 2020 decor ideas

The first real outdoor inspired purchase was my backsplash, people thought I was nuts but I went with a brick. There was something chic but comfortable about it, I felt like I lived in a fancy New York apartment but also like I was in a Tuscan Villa cooking Sunday sauce. The stone really helped to break up the white, sleek, hospital feel and add the warm homey feeling I had been searching for. 

The bedrooms in my house all subconsciously have an “outdoor-in” touch here and there. My boy’s room has a full wall covered in real licence plates, while my youngest daughter’s room has a full wall covered in an earth tone floral wallpaper that I helped design. My master bedroom was just completed this past weekend, and I struggled the most with this room. I wanted something warm, inviting, and romantic but it needed some masculinity to it as well; because I have spent way too many years subjecting my husband to extremely feminine bedrooms. Sticking with the earth theme we have a dark green accent wall with bright white bedding and white sheer curtains allowing a ton of natural light and spring breezes to blow through our windows. 

kijani palm leaf plates - clean and tidy kitchen

The rest of my house, continues a soft subtle “outdoor-in” theme, there is a lot of unfinished or rustic style wood, pops of earthy colored florals, natural colored fabrics, light and airy window coverings allowing for natural light to flow right in and lots of plants.

When I was asked for decor ideas for Spring 2020, I knew right away what a huge trend this will be. I’m calling it “outdoor-in”, but really it’s just about taking the beauty that already exists outside and bringing that inspiration to your home. It’s a trend that really can be interpreted and represented differently by everyone, best of all it also fits everyone’s budget. If you’re having trouble finding or placing your outdoor inspiration in your home check out my instagram and feel free to message me there, I love chatting home design.

Don’t forget, if all else fails just buy a plant, a plant can brighten up any room.

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