Spring 2020 Decorating Tips

Hello friends! I am so excited to team up with my friends at Kijani to bring you some Spring decorating tips and easy DIY projects.

Decorating for Spring

Where do you start when you make your transition from Winter décor to Spring décor? What are your favorite things you love to include in your Spring décor? Do you DIY your way through life like me or just prefer to pay for all of your decor?

There is no right or wrong answers to these questions! Decorating is a reflection of you. A reflection of your likes, your style, your favorite colors.

Where to Begin

During Christmas every space is packed full of trees, lights, ornaments, banners, wreaths, and lots of colors. When I transition to winter I remove most of the color, ornaments, and take a couple of trees down. I then reach a point where I am ready to declutter and take more of a minimalist approach. I start by literally packing it all up and doing a good deglittering of the whole house! Seriously.. for months after I will find flakes of glitter and needles from the tree in corners all over the house. Surely its not just me that is hit yearly with the glitter fairy?

After packing everything up and doing a good cleaning I get all of the Spring totes down from the attic. I will usually start my decorating with my entryway table. This is the first place seen by our guests and a fun starting point. From there I will move room to room adding touches of Spring. Some areas of my home tend to be more neglected than others, such as the master bathroom.

Spring Decor and DIYs

I tend to prefer more neutral and pastel colors. I also love to mix in lots of flowers, indoor plants (I try so hard to keep them alive?) and of course all of my vintage finds!

This year with all of the social distancing I used only decor items that I already had and my DIY projects. Here are a few of my most recent Spring projects.

kijani palm leaf plates - spring side table

Spring DIYs:

Vintage window refresh

This was a super easy and fun project. Click here for the full project details.

Items needed:

  • Wood window
  • Card stock paper
  • Tea
  • Printer
  • Glue gun

kijani palm leaf plates - spring wooden window

Super easy wreath

Wreaths are a great way to fill the spaces of your home. This Spring wreath was for sure the easiest one I have ever made!

Items needed:

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Flowers
  • Greenery
  • Glue gun
  • Floral wire or ties

Click here to make your own!

kijani palm leaf plates - spring wreath

Spring bedroom update

Honestly, our bedroom and bathroom tend to be the last places I update. But, this year I joined a blog hop and was inspired to update these areas.

You can see all of the bedroom details here.

kijani palm leaf plates - spring bedroom

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my Spring decorating ideas and DIY projects!

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Ideas for Spring Decor 2020

The seasons have changed, the times have changed (quarantine era) and updating your home for spring is probably one of the last things on your mind. But it’s still doable! I have some simple ideas for Spring decor to help you spruce up your spaces and welcome in spring 2020.

Let’s start with some of the basics.

1. First Impressions

Your front door is like the book cover of your home.  It gives your audience the first impression of your house and your style. You can easily bring spring into this space by adding a few quick elements for visual interest.  If you have a sitting area, tossing a couple of pillows and a throw blanket on will cozy it up. Adding seasonal plant containers highlighting spring’s glorious colors and scents will entice your guests to come closer and invite them in. Greet your guests with a welcoming mat layered over a larger rug.  This adds depth and texture to your front door. For a final touch, add a wreath or figurine to add some whimsy to your set up.

kijani palm leaf plates - spring 2020 doorstep styled

2. Pick your zones

Trying to update your house in its entirety can be overwhelming so let’s focus on some of the most gathered areas in your home.  First the living area. Pop in some color with fresh flowers or elements from nature. Try to stay consistent with your color theme.

You can find more ideas for Spring 2020 decor on Laura’s Instagram.

It helps the room feel more organic and unifies the space.  Because we are in a time of social distancing, you may not want to go out for flowers. Tree branches, stems and wildflowers will work just as well. I love to shop my yard and neighborhood for greens and flowers.

Fortunately I had already planted some daffodils and had a crop to work with, but I also borrowed some from my neighbor for this shot 🙂 Since daffodils are one of the first colors of spring, that’s what I used throughout my main living space but you can use whatever is available or that you have on hand.  I also added in some lemons keeping within my color scheme of yellow. Fruits and vegetables are an easy way to add color.

kijani palm leaf plates - spring 2020 living room

3. Kitchen

Since the kitchen needs to remain functional, we don’t want to overwhelm the space with decor. One immediate way to make your kitchen look fresh is by decluttering.

Take a look at your countertops. Mine tend to get filled up with things that can and should be put away (hello teenagers in the house :)) After decluttering, placing fresh flowers, pretty frames with a family photo or a coffee or tea station can bring instant style.

My family is not a coffee family, so I set up a tea station on the kitchen island. All I used was a cutting board, some tea bags, fresh flowers from my yard, one of my favorite tea pitchers and lemons for the color pop. Easy-peezy.

kijani palm leaf plates - tea pitcher and fresh flowers

4.  Tablescapes

Setting a pretty table can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. One of my go to’s for tablescaping is layering dinnerware.  Chargers are a great base, but if you don’t have any, just start with your dinner plate. Top the dinner plate with a salad plate and then a dessert plate or dip bowl.

Long gone are the days of matchy-matchy. Use whatever pieces you have to work with. It’s all about shopping your house and finding ways to use what you already have. Instead of setting your flatware in the traditional spaces, tie a string, twine or ribbon around them and insert some greenery or flowers to bring in spring.

Votives and candles always bring in some elegance and can be randomly placed throughout your table. Table runners and tablecloths are optional. If you don’t have a tablecloth, flat bed sheets work just as well.

kijani palm leaf plates - spring 2020 chicks nest

Updating your home for spring can be easy once you’ve got some of the basics down. Spring is such a beautiful season and symbol of regrowth and renewal.

I hope the above ideas for Spring decor gave you some inspiration to invite the new season into your home for 2020.

Bring the outside in this Spring

Hey! I’m Kaitlyn, wife to Chris, wanna be interior designer, and mother to Grace (11), Emerson(2), Theo (2), and Ford (9 months); nope that wasn’t a typo, I do in fact have 3 kids under 2.

Since my husband and I really like to overwhelm ourselves we also spent the past year completely gut renovated everything in the home we purchased. When I say everything, I truly mean everything. The home we bought looked like it survived Hurricane Sandy, but once we opened up the walls there was mold EVERYWHERE.

Since I was pregnant with my fourth baby, I really couldn’t enter the house much, which made designing it pretty difficult. It’s my belief, that’s what caused this sort of blank slate of a look in my house, lots of white, white, and a touch of white for good measure. We moved into the house when it was about 75% finished; we still had to finish the laundry room, master bedroom, downstairs bathroom and the backsplash.

kijani palm leaf plates - clean and tidy bedroom

These projects are all starting to come to a close and it was time for me to put some love into this house and really make it look like people lived here, besides the mountain of toys in my living room that had somehow become the major focal point in my decor.

Spring Shopping

With my champagne taste and my beer budget set to the side it was time for me to shop till I dropped. I spent many days loading my kids in the car, walking around Target, Homedepot, Lowes and Homegoods searching for things that inspire me.

Lockdown inspiration

Just when I thought I was starting to feel inspired, the major pandemic of Covid-19 shut us down, and we were trapped inside. That’s when I think my design theme really took flight, the long days and even longer nights trapping us inside made me miss the outdoors. I started to hold onto the short walks with the kids or the quick trip to the mailbox. After 1 straight week of scrubbing everything in the house there was nothing left for me to do during nap time, other than online shopping, so that’s what I did.

Armed with my credit card in one hand, coffee in the other, I had to get started; ok, more realistically I had to put those things down to type but then there was no stopping me. Google searching, pinteresting, studying picture after picture, everything I picked out kept giving me outdoor vibes and I was loving it.

kijani palm leaf plates - clean and tidy bedroom 

Spring 2020 decor ideas

The first real outdoor inspired purchase was my backsplash, people thought I was nuts but I went with a brick. There was something chic but comfortable about it, I felt like I lived in a fancy New York apartment but also like I was in a Tuscan Villa cooking Sunday sauce. The stone really helped to break up the white, sleek, hospital feel and add the warm homey feeling I had been searching for. 

The bedrooms in my house all subconsciously have an “outdoor-in” touch here and there. My boy’s room has a full wall covered in real licence plates, while my youngest daughter’s room has a full wall covered in an earth tone floral wallpaper that I helped design. My master bedroom was just completed this past weekend, and I struggled the most with this room. I wanted something warm, inviting, and romantic but it needed some masculinity to it as well; because I have spent way too many years subjecting my husband to extremely feminine bedrooms. Sticking with the earth theme we have a dark green accent wall with bright white bedding and white sheer curtains allowing a ton of natural light and spring breezes to blow through our windows. 

kijani palm leaf plates - clean and tidy kitchen

The rest of my house, continues a soft subtle “outdoor-in” theme, there is a lot of unfinished or rustic style wood, pops of earthy colored florals, natural colored fabrics, light and airy window coverings allowing for natural light to flow right in and lots of plants.

When I was asked for decor ideas for Spring 2020, I knew right away what a huge trend this will be. I’m calling it “outdoor-in”, but really it’s just about taking the beauty that already exists outside and bringing that inspiration to your home. It’s a trend that really can be interpreted and represented differently by everyone, best of all it also fits everyone’s budget. If you’re having trouble finding or placing your outdoor inspiration in your home check out my instagram and feel free to message me there, I love chatting home design.

Don’t forget, if all else fails just buy a plant, a plant can brighten up any room.

Home Styling in Spring 2020

As nature awakens with the Spring season, I find myself ready to dust things off and cheer up my surroundings. Today more than ever, our home is our haven, especially during these trying times. As a home stylist and avid shopper, I find myself as do all of us, unable to venture off on spring decor shopping trips at the present time.  Yet, this doesn’t stop me from creating beauty in my home, as I welcome in Spring and all its splendor.

Easy design tips can bring this gorgeous season into your home and add some sunshine to your sanctuary.

Declutter & Clean

Start off with decluttering and cleaning allowing for a clean slate and fresh new styling.

Kijani Palm Leaf Plates - This is a photo of a living room for Spring season 2020

Seasonal Changes

Interchanging heavy knit or fur blankets with lighter and softer colored throws as well as white or pastel pillows instantly adds freshness to a room.  My fabric preference is white or soft florals, whatever you choose, think of creating a light and bright vibe.

A coffee table with a large chipped, chunky urn housing faux or real blooming branches adds so much charm to a space.  A trip to the grocery store getting much needed items can allow for a quick stop at the floral section, where store-bought blooms can be purchased and added to an area for instant style.

Kijani Palm Leaf Plates - This is a photo of a coffee table for Spring season 2020

Simple Rearranging

Lastly, merely rearranging your home adds immediate freshness to a tired view from the long winter months.  Moving a couch, swapping wall art throughout your rooms, restyling a coffee table and interchanging decor items with ones that have been stored for the winter can give a room a whole new look. Be creative and play with what you have!

Kijani Palm Leaf Plates - This is a photo of an armchair and flower arrangement for Spring season 2020

It’s all about a new fresh season with lighter and brighter fabrics, urns or vases overflowing with fresh or faux blossoms, in addition to changing up decor and furniture to welcome in a new season.  Now, open some windows and let the Spring breeze in, it’s a new season and the sunshine awaits you!

Get more inspiration from Stephanie, over on Instagram.