Home Styling in Spring 2020

As nature awakens with the Spring season, I find myself ready to dust things off and cheer up my surroundings. Today more than ever, our home is our haven, especially during these trying times. As a home stylist and avid shopper, I find myself as do all of us, unable to venture off on spring decor shopping trips at the present time.  Yet, this doesn’t stop me from creating beauty in my home, as I welcome in Spring and all its splendor.

Easy design tips can bring this gorgeous season into your home and add some sunshine to your sanctuary.

Declutter & Clean

Start off with decluttering and cleaning allowing for a clean slate and fresh new styling.

Kijani Palm Leaf Plates - This is a photo of a living room for Spring season 2020

Seasonal Changes

Interchanging heavy knit or fur blankets with lighter and softer colored throws as well as white or pastel pillows instantly adds freshness to a room.  My fabric preference is white or soft florals, whatever you choose, think of creating a light and bright vibe.

A coffee table with a large chipped, chunky urn housing faux or real blooming branches adds so much charm to a space.  A trip to the grocery store getting much needed items can allow for a quick stop at the floral section, where store-bought blooms can be purchased and added to an area for instant style.

Kijani Palm Leaf Plates - This is a photo of a coffee table for Spring season 2020

Simple Rearranging

Lastly, merely rearranging your home adds immediate freshness to a tired view from the long winter months.  Moving a couch, swapping wall art throughout your rooms, restyling a coffee table and interchanging decor items with ones that have been stored for the winter can give a room a whole new look. Be creative and play with what you have!

Kijani Palm Leaf Plates - This is a photo of an armchair and flower arrangement for Spring season 2020

It’s all about a new fresh season with lighter and brighter fabrics, urns or vases overflowing with fresh or faux blossoms, in addition to changing up decor and furniture to welcome in a new season.  Now, open some windows and let the Spring breeze in, it’s a new season and the sunshine awaits you!

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