Super sturdy, beautiful disposable dinnerware

Say no to flimsy old paper and plastic plates and meet our palm leaf dinnerware. (It's 100% biodegradable)

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  • Super sturdy & durable

    Bye bye flimsy paper plates. Hello to holding a full plate in one hand.

  • Beautiful patterns

    Natural, unique leaf patterns mean that no two plates are the same.

  • 100% biodegradable

    Stylish, guilt-free entertaining. No trees are cut down to make our plates.

  • Ethically produced

    Reject plastic, make an eco-friendly choice & reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Multi-purpose use

    Dinner parties, weddings, BBQs, conferences, camping. You name it!

  • Cut & grease resistant

    Leak, grease & cut resistent. Don’t bend or sag when food is on them.

  • "So thick & sturdy"


    Colors are so pretty and rustic and they can be used for so many occasions from BBQs to birthday parties! Very happy 😊!

    - Krystal -

  • "Sturdy beautiful plates"


    These plates were a lot more durable than expected! They’re really pretty too. Great for when you’re hosting a party!

    - Kristina -

  • "Beautiful plates"


    These are a great option for pretty, durable and disposable plates! I would definitely buy again for my next party / event.

    - Jackie -

Be inspired ...

About our palm leaf plates


What makes them biodegradable?

Our dinnerware is 100% made from naturally fallen leaves from the Areca palm tree. So they biodegrade naturally - just like a leaf :)

Do you have other shapes and sizes?

Yes! We currently have 8 different packs for you to choose from. You can view them all here.

What types of occasions are they suitable for?

Our palm leaf dinnerware really is suitable for any occasion.

Some people buy them for weddings, large parties and corporate events.

Others use them at home, for BBQs, cookouts, picnics, camping and small gatherings.

Why are they better than paper or plastic plates?

Firstly, our palm leaf dinnerware is 100% biodegradable. So that's plastic beaten already :)

Now, imagine the last event you were at when all they had was those flimsy, boring old paper plates. Useless right?

With our dinnerware, not only does it look beautiful (each plate is completely unique in appearance), it is extremely sturdy, able to easily hold a full plate of food in one hand.

Do you cut down trees to make them?

Nope! As our dinnerware is made from naturally fallen palm leaves, we don't need to cut down any trees to produce it.

Are they made in the USA?

Our manufacturing department is in India, where the Areca palm tree grows in abundance. We have extremely thorough quality checks in place at all our dinnerware is thoroughly cleaned and refined before packaging begins.

No chemicals are used at any stage of the process.

Is there in relationship between palm leaf dinnerware and palm oil?

No, there is no relationship.

Our manufacturing department is in India and we intentionally do not source any products from Indonesia or Malaysia due to the problems they have in that part of the world in respect of palm oil.

Are they reusable?

This depends on what the plates are used for.

If you are using dry foods then you’ll be able to easily wipe clean and reuse.

If you are using liquid they will most likely be a one time use. Although we have had many customers report that they've still been able to reuse them.

Either way, once you’re done using them you can dispose of them with good conscious, knowing that they will fully biodegrade - returning to the Earth, exactly where they came from :)

Will they only decompose in a commercial composting facility?

No, they will also biodegrade in home compost. They will just take longer to do so than in commercial compost.

How do they hold up with hot food?

Our dinnerware is both heat and grease resistant. You can even put it in the microwave.

Are they handmade?

Yes. Every single leaf is pressed by hand to form the different sizes and shapes of our dinnerware.

  • "Gorgeous, yet sturdy"


    These plates are so chic and beautiful for any occasion. They're disposable for easy clean up after gatherings and eco-friendly, win win.

    - modernglamhome -